For those who really want to break their belly fat, Trial the 1-week meal & exercise method.

For those who really want to break their belly fat, Trial the 1-week meal & exercise method.

If you focus on reducing body fat or belly fat, which is a shortcut to splitting your belly fat and reducing body fat, you can (to some extent) split your belly fat in a week. Follow these eight rules about diet and training and give it a try. A longed-for six-pack is waiting ahead.

One week of shock therapy. Five dietary rules

For those of you who can’t even look at your current bulging stomach, let alone break it, the first thing you need is slightly tighter diet control because the shortcut and the royal road to belly fat splitting are to reduce body fat or brlly fat.

The hami meat on the belt is a testament to his unrestrained eating habits. Let’s take a week of straightening and shave off the water and fat that have accumulated in the belly fat.

There are five food rules. Forget about calorie counting and nutrient combinations. Just follow the five rules. You should be able to apply it to any situation, whether you are cooking for yourself, preparing meals, or eating out.

However, this meal rule is only a one-week trial discount rule. It’s like shock therapy. If you get results in a week, follow the 18 dietary advice to improve your diet quickly and reasonably and eat a split meal without a rebound. I want you to shift to

Rule 1: No staple food for dinner

Let’s start with the staple food rule. I want you to drive the potion of one staple food into your head. For rice, use 100gIf it’s bread, cut it into six slices and one loaf of bread. For the next seven days, choose one or the other.

Yes, you guessed it, sugar control. This is the most effective method to get results in the shortest time. This is because you can definitely expect weight loss by refraining from carbohydrates that draw in water. The amount of sugar contained in 100g of rice and one slice of bread is over 30g. Never exceed this amount. And no main meal for dinner. The point is to increase the main dish and side dish to satisfy hunger.

Rule 2: The main dish is oil-free

The selection of the main dish focuses only on the cooking method. I don’t dare to set a limit that you can’t eat that, and you can’t eat this in terms of ingredients. You can eat fatty salmon or minced meat. However, avoid cooking with oil.

The OK cooking menu is rawgrilled, steamed, boiled, and simmered. On the other hand, the NG menu is fried, fried. For the same white fish, choose sashimi instead of sautéing, and for chicken, choose steamed chicken or yakitori instead of fried chicken.

Aim to consume 100g of protein ingredients such as meat, fish, eggs, and seafood for each meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For those who really want to break their belly fat, Trial the 1-week meal & exercise method.
For those who really want to break their belly fat, Trial the 1-week meal & exercise method.

Rule 3: unlimited side dishes

Vegetable side dishes are the saviours of sugar-controlled diets. This is because it is rich in dietary fibre and has a chewy texture, making it easy to feel full.

However, I would like you to avoid menus that use oil, such as stir-fried vegetables. The cooking rules are the same as for the main dish. If you follow this, you can eat unlimited side dishes. Among vegetables, carrots and tomatoes, which are said to be relatively high in sugar, are also OK to eat.

However, if you eat it with a salad, be careful with the dressing. Choose oil-free types instead of oily ones. Of course, the mayo is also sealed for seven days.

Rule 4 No alcohol

Beer and wine are not allowed, but are highballs OK? No, no alcohol, whether brewed or distilled, is strictly prohibited during the week.

You who love alcohol. One week, just one week. I want you to quit drinking here.

However, in the theory of carbohydrate restriction, low-sugar highballs and shochu are OK, aren’t they?

You’re right, but unlike plain water or tea, alcohol itself has calories. What’s more, if you drink too much without the stopper, excess water will accumulate in your body or belly fat. Needless to say, it interferes with the trial discount.

If you really can’t stand it, try a 350mL can of all-free drink while savouring it.

Rule 5: Do not eat heavily after 8 pm

If you finishes your dinner by 8 pm, you should be able to finish your meal within 12 hours of breakfast. Do not drink anything other than water and tea.

This is the most important of the five dietary rules.

There are reports that eating breakfast within seven hours of eating for the day can make you healthier or lose weight. The basis for this is that if you continue to eat slowly for a long time, you will overeat, and the rhythm of your body clock will be disturbed. But within 7 hours, I have to finish eating dinner by 2 pm. This is impossible.

So this week, I’m going with the version where you can eat within 12 hours. Assuming that you finish eating breakfast by 8:00 in the morning, do not eat or drink anything but water or tea after 8:00 in the evening. This alone can be expected to have a tightening effect.

No Hookin! Three training rules

Next is the training rule that should be practised for a one-week trial. There are only three rules of training.

It is a pose that makes full use of walkingmuscle training, and draw-ins. Walking burns body fat, muscle training increases metabolism, and posing awakens the inner unit. Practice these three pillars every day for seven days of trial wari.

Muscle training is no hooking. It is a program in which two types of dynamic whole-body exercises are performed alternately.

If you do muscle training every day, you may not be able to expect results due to overtraining. Best of all, don’t worry. The goal or target here is not to build muscle. The theme is to keep stimulating the core with dynamic exercise and improve the linkage between the upper and lower body. Therefore, for a limited period of 7 days, incorporate low-intensity, high-repetition exercise every day.

Rule 1: Take a brisk walk before breakfast

Before eating breakfast, do aerobic exercise with brisk walking for 20 minutes. A method or exercise called ” Fast Cardio “.

When you wake up early in the morning, the glycogen in your muscles is almost depleted. If you do aerobic exercise in this state,belly fat or body fat is more likely to be consumed as energy. It is said that this is the method that physique athletes adopt before the contest.

Drink a whole water glass before you start walking. If possible, drink coffee with water to further increase the belly fat-burning effect of caffeine. Let’s start tomorrow, believing in the results after seven days.

Rule 2: Two full-body workouts every day

Two types of full-body exercises centred on the lower body, based on lunges, and full-body exercises centred on the upper body and trunk, based on push-ups, are performed by telescoping.

If you are aiming for muscle hypertrophy, it is more effective to do three sets of the lower body and three sets of the upper body, but the purpose here is to give a circuit training-like stimulation to your stomach and whole body. Do it continuously without dropping your heart rate, and aim to increase your metabolism.

People who lack physical strength can go in small pieces. You can also do two sets in the morning and 1 set in the evening. Use your whole body dynamically to create a split-belly fat shape.

Back step lunge & twisting knee (20 times)

Step over a cushion on the floor and take a step back with your left foot. Place both hands together in front of you. Squat down until your knees, bent at right angles, barely touch the cushion. With a sharp exhalation, lift his left knee and twist his arm and upper body to the left into an upright position. Next is the reverse leg.

Push-up & hip extension (20 times)

From the push-up position, first, pull your left knee. Bend his elbow and swing his left leg up as you sink your body to the floor. His leg position remains as it is, with his elbows extended and his upper body raised. Return to his original position, this time on the reverse leg.

For those who really want to break their belly fat, Trial the 1-week meal & exercise method.
For those who really want to break their belly fat, Trial the 1-week meal & exercise method.

Rule 3: Posing frequently.

Sit in front of the mirror and straighten your posture

Even if you have the same weight and the same body belly fat percentage, your belly fat will look different if your posture is different. If you mobilize all the inner units and increase the abdominal pressure, the shape of your stomach will look much more fearless.

So, while drawing in, I twisted my upper body and posed. With the image of putting your navel against your back, let your stomach sink in, adjust your posture, and take deep chest breaths. With this alone, the waist is thin, and the silhouette looks beautiful.

You can do it at any time of the day, but it is recommended that you get into the habit of doing it in front of the mirror when you go to the bathroom. It should be related to motivation.

Posing draw-in

Stand upright with your feet and shoulder-width apart and twist your body from the navel to 90 degrees. Puff out your chest, spread your shoulder blades, exhale completely, let your stomach sink in, and then continue breathing. Make sure the left and right shoulders are at the same height. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Also, vice versa.

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