5 things you need to know about “hair fall.” There is also a golden time for hair growth! | Healthtipsfile |2022


There is also a golden time for hair growth! 5 things you need to know about “hair fall.” It may not be familiar to those who have never had hair problems, but autumn is the season for hair loss. The damage to the body and hair accumulated during the summer will show up as a result at once. If you miss the SOS from your hair now, you may lose more and more hair loss. Take this opportunity to deepen your guide or understanding of hair with five columns!

• UV rays also damage hair.

This summer’s record-breaking heat has passed, and the sunburns of those who enjoyed nature at sea and in the mountains should have cooled considerably. But wait a minute. How is your hair?

Even if the skin can recover, the hair exposed to strong UV rays may have faded to a reddish brown colour or split ends may have increased. While the UV rays burn the skin, the hair is also damaged to some extent.

And in autumn, changes occur in the hair. Animals have summer and winter fur, and they regrow at the turn of the season, but this is the same for humans. Some of you may have noticed a sudden increase in hair loss. If new hair grows more than it falls out, there is no problem. If hair growth cannot catch up with the pace of falling out, it will be a pinch. You need to take care of your hair and scalp.

Even if it’s not as strong as in summer, UV rays are still strong in autumn. Wear a hat when you go out, take care of your scalp and hair after returning home, and try to recover.

• Watch out for more than 100 hairs falling out every day

It’s not just UV rays that you want to be careful about this time of year. We asked the Ginza General Beauty Clinic, which specializes in AGA treatment, about what other points are important. Here’s how to find out how much hair you’re losing.

Like leaves blowing in the autumn breeze, if you notice loose hairs on your pillows, washbasins, or bathroom drains, gently pick them up and count how many you lose each day. Although there are individual differences, the total number of hairs is 100,000 to 120,000, and 50 to 100 hairs are usually lost daily. However, something may be happening if it seems to be well above this range.

Human hair continues to grow through repeated division of hair matrix cells. It takes 2 to 6 years to become dark and magnificent. After this growth period, there is a regression period in which the elongation decreases. After a resting period in preparation for hair loss, hair loss occurs. This sequence of events is called the hair cycle, and some people grow up in a few months due to problems with male hormones and immediately head for hair loss.

If well over 100 hairs fall out every day, it’s strong suspicion. If the hair loss does not stop, the hair growth will not catch up, and the scalp will gradually become transparent. It’s time to think about serious measures!

5 things you need to know about "hair fall." There is also a golden time for hair growth! | Healthtipsfile |2022
5 things you need to know about “hair fall.” There is also a golden time for hair growth! | Healthtipsfile |2022

• “Meat and oysters” for hair growth

When people start worrying about hair loss and thinning, some want to eat seaweed because it is good for hair growth. The kelp, wakame seaweed, seaweed, hijiki, etc., are black, and the image looks really good for hair growth. Seaweed is rich in minerals and vitamins, so it is understandable that people who are worried about their daily diet would want to rely on it as a natural supplement, but there are also harmful effects of consuming too many minerals.

For example, iodine is a representative mineral found in seaweed. Too much or too little of this is known to harm the thyroid, and the daily recommended amount is only 130 micrograms. And the tolerable upper limit is 3000 μg. If you eat a handful of hijiki (dried, 15g) as an iron supplement, the iodine will be 6750μg, which is too much.

So what should we eat? It is said that “protein” and “zinc” contained in oysters are good for hair growth, so it might be a good idea to consume these ingredients. However, overconfidence is prohibited. It doesn’t just grow hair.

Hair is also part of a person’s body. First, the hair growth will vigorously if the whole body is healthy. The key to building a strong body is not to consume large amounts of specific nutrients but to pay attention to their balance. If you aim for hair growth, you should review your body first.

Some people may be practising carbohydrate restriction for dieting. However, extreme carbohydrate restriction is not good for hair, so let’s be careful about this.

• Choose natural ingredients for shampoo.

All shampoos are similar. When the stock is running low, you can buy sale items piled up at drugstores. But is it okay?

Affordable shampoos are chemically synthesized synthetic detergents. It’s essentially the same detergent you use to wash dishes in the kitchen. An excellent product that quickly removes stubborn oil stains. Recently, scalp care shampoos that focus on hair growth have been attracting attention. However, some products are almost the same as synthetic detergents. Rough washing and rinsing strip away the sebum essential for a healthy scalp.

If you think about the health of the scalp, it’s good to be gentle on the scalp. Soap shampoo made from natural ingredients is especially safe. If you choose a good one, it will lather well and wash off cleanly. There are even products that keep the scalp moisturized after washing. You use it daily, so a small investment is well worth considering.

• Hair also has a golden time.

People who work hard to build their bodies by doing muscle training place importance on sleep for nutritional support and recovery after training. That’s why I invest in good protein and supplements and don’t wake up lazy at night. With growth hormones on your side, you aim to become a stronger version of yourself tomorrow.

In recent years or case studies, it has become clear that there is a golden time for hair growth. That time is around 1:00 am to 2:00 am. During this period, growth factors are secreted, and it seems that hair growth is promoted and grows stronger. Research into this growth factor has progressed rapidly. Now, hair restorers and cosmetics containing growth factors are spotlighted in stores.

Growth factors have also begun to be adopted by medical institutions. For hair growth, specialists have injected them into the scalp using electrical devices, gas, etc. They are beginning to give hope to people suffering from thinning hair. When the autumn breeze blows this season, people who feel uneasy about their hair need to take good care of it.



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