How long do men grow taller? Explain how to predict height growth taller||2022


It’s nice to see your child height growth taller. People who are raising boys may want to grow taller because it is advantageous for sports. However, the timing of height growth for boys is different for each person. Some people may wonder, “How long will men grow taller?”

This time, I will explain how to predict when boys are likely to grow taller and how much they will grow.

We will also introduce lifestyle habits that make it easy to grow taller, so please refer to them if you are worried about how tall boys will grow.

How long do men grow taller?

How tall do boys grow? Here, I will explain how tall men grow in three points.

Height growth peaks around the average age of 13

Boys reach their peak height growth around the age of 13, on average, around the first year of junior high school. The period of height growth is called the growth spurt, and many children suddenly grow taller.

Height growth is related to physical development, and a growth spurt begins around the age of 11, when puberty begins.

A child’s height averages 5-6 cm per year from infancy to about age 10.

When it comes to the growth spurt, it may suddenly grow more than 10 cm.

According to a 2020 survey of physical fitness and athletic ability conducted by the Japan Sports Agency, the average height of boys between the ages of 11 and 13 increased by more than 7 cm per year.


How long do men grow taller? Explain how to predict height growth taller||2022
How long do men grow taller? Explain how to predict height growth taller||2022

Some people grow even after reaching high school.

Most boys height growth taller around the age of 13 on average, but some of them grow taller after entering high school.

Height growth is associated with the onset of puberty.

Puberty, also known as secondary sex characteristics, is the time when a person’s body changes and grows significantly in order to become an adult.

In addition to growing taller, appearance changes such as voice changes and beard growth occur.

There are many factors that trigger the onset of puberty, and it is not clear.

Since the timing of puberty varies greatly from person to person, the height growth peak varies from person to person.

As a result, some people suddenly grow taller from the age of 10, while others height growth after high school age.

Height growth has a large genetic component.

Genetics/Genes have a lot to do with how tall boys grow.

The height of the Father or Mother (parents) determines (DEPENDS), to some extent, the height of the child.

There are various factors in height growth, and it is known that genetic factors are particularly high.

An overseas study on height has shown that there is a genetic relationship of about 80%.

“If the parents are tall, then a child may be or likely to be tall, and if the parents are short, the child is may be short”.

How to predict height growth?

You may be wondering how much your child can grow taller.

Here are three ways to predict how tall a boy will grow.

Fit a growth curve

You can use growth curves to predict your child’s height. A growth curve is a chart that shows how a child grows in height and weight.

Speaking of growth curves, some people may recall the one for babies in the maternal and child health handbook.

In fact, there is also a growth curve for up to 18 years old.

The current growth curve is derived from data from the 2000 Infant Physical Development Survey Report and School Health Statistics Report.

When you plug a child’s height into a growth curve, you can compare it to the average for the same age.

Future height prediction is also possible from the growth curve close to the height of the child.

The growth curve can be downloaded from various sites, so please try it.

How long do men grow taller? Explain how to predict height growth taller||2022
How long do men grow taller? Explain how to predict height growth taller||2022

Calculated from parent’s height

You can predict how tall a boy will grow by calculating the height of his parents.

A child’s height has a large genetic component, so you can use the figures of your parents as a reference.

a formula

Boy’s height prediction = (total height of parents + 13) ÷ 2

For example, if the father is 175cm and the mother is 160cm, the expected final height is 174cm.

However, height growth is influenced not only by genetics but also by living environment.

The calculation result of the height prediction should be considered as a rough numerical value. 

Examine the condition of the epiphyseal line

By examining the epiphysis of a child, it is possible to predict whether he will grow taller in the future.

The epiphyseal line is the cartilage part at the end of the bone, and it looks like a black line on the X-ray image.

In a child’s body, a part called growth cartilage is replaced with hard bone, and the bone grows, and at the same time, height growth.

As the bone elongates, the epiphyseal line cannot be seen on X-ray images.

The state in which the growth of the bone stops is expressed as “the epiphyseal line is closed”, and the height does not grow any further.

However, examining the epiphyseal line is limited to cases such as short stature that require treatment.

If you are a hospital that specializes in stature, you may be able to pay for your own medical treatment, so please inquire.

Is there a sign that you stop growing taller?

What happens to a boy’s body when he seems to stop growing taller?

Here are two points you should know as a sign that boys will stop growing taller.

recent slow growth

If you’ve been growing steadily and your height isn’t growing much, it may be time to stop.

This is because height growth reaches its peak during puberty, and then it enters the period of reaching final height.

Height stops after about three years after a sudden growth spurt.

For example, for boys whose height growth peaked at age 13, it can be predicted that it will stop around age 16 or 17.

After a sudden increase in height, it is a good idea to compare how much you have grown in the following years.

I’ve grown a beard

Beard growth is considered a sign that height stops. This is because the beard grows in the second half of puberty, which coincides with the time when height stops.

Beard growth is caused by an increase in male hormones.

Beard growth in boys is evidence that the hormone balance is approaching that of an adult male.

Height stops at the end of puberty, so it can be predicted that growth will slow down around the time the beard grows, and the child will reach their final height. However, there are individual differences in the way a beard grows, and it is not always possible to know how long the beard will grow to stop growing taller.

In addition to changes in your body, if you pay attention to the growth of your height, it will be easier to understand when it will stop.

What can you do to grow taller?

Height growth in boys has a strong genetic component, but it is possible to grow further by adjusting to the environment.

Here are three points about creating an environment that can help you grow taller.

Eat well-balanced meals with nutrition in mind.

The key to increasing height for boys is a balanced diet.

Nutrients from food are essential for growing adolescents.

In particular, try to take calcium positively.

A strong bone structure is important for growing taller.

Add foods that contain calcium, which is necessary for bone growth, to your menu.

Calcium is abundant in dairy products, soy products, and fish.

It is effective to eat foods containing protein and vitamin D, which improve the absorption of calcium.

Calcium-rich dairy products, soy products, and fish also contain protein, so you’re killing two birds with one stone.

It is also recommended to eat meat rich in protein.

Get enough sleep

If you want to grow taller, take care of your sleep time.

You can expect the effect of promoting the growth of your body with better sleep.

Growth hormone, which promotes physical development in children, is secreted during sleep.

In particular, it is said that a large amount of growth hormone is secreted during non-REM sleep, which occurs one to two hours after sleeping.

If you secure enough sleep time, you will be able to grow your body by removing mental and physical fatigue.

exercise moderately

When growing taller, do moderate exercise according to development.

Exercise makes it easier to get your life rhythm in order, and you can expect the effect of growing taller.

If you have a habit of moving your body during the day, such as doing sports, your appetite will increase, and you will be able to eat more.

Growth hormone is also effective for secretion because you can get enough energy and nutrients necessary for growth.

Tiredness during the day will naturally make you sleepy at night, and it will also help you get a good night’s sleep early.

Exercise is also recommended for active boys because it relieves stress and has a positive effect on growth.

However, strenuous exercise that hurts the body has the opposite effect. It is a good idea to consider a load of exercise according to growth.

What are bad habits to watch out for when growing taller?

If you want to grow taller, your habitual behaviour may have a negative effect.

Here are three things you shouldn’t do when height growth taller.

late meal

Children tend to come home late because of sports or lessons, so try to avoid eating late.

You may not get the nutrients you need for growth.

If you don’t eat until late in the day, your hunger will go away, and you may lose your appetite and eat less at night.

Because your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, growth hormone, which is released during sleep, may not be secreted properly.

Also, if dinner is late, there is also a pattern that you can not eat breakfast the next day.

Either way, avoid it, as it will not give you the energy and nutrients you need.

From a nutritional point of view, it’s a good idea to split your meal into two when dinner is going on.

If you eat lightly, such as rice balls, and eat mainly side dishes after returning home, you will be able to take in the necessary nutrients.

Smartphone operation until just before going to bed.

If you want toheight  growth taller, don’t bring your phone to bed.

This is because the blue light emitted from smartphones interferes with sleep and reduces the quality of sleep.

Exposure or harmful rays to blue light from devices such as smartphones at night suppress the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that makes you sleepy.

Therefore, there is a risk that sleep rhythm will be disrupted without getting sleepy.

Because you can’t sleep well, growth hormone doesn’t work as well, which adversely affects development.

Adolescence is a time when people want to use smartphones until late at night.

If you explain why you might not grow taller if you look at your smartphone at night, you might be convinced.

excessive muscle training

Muscle training is effective for strengthening the body, but if you do it too much, you may not grow taller.

It is easy to lead to injuries such as muscle tears, and there is a risk of hindering growth.

Some of you may have heard the saying, “If you do weight training, you won’t grow taller.”

There is currently no evidence that weight training reduces the height.

However, if you do weight training during the growth period, your muscles may be damaged, and you may have to take a break from exercising.

Moderate exercise is necessary to height growth taller, but if you have to rest due to an injury from excessive muscle training, you are putting the cart before the horse.

If you’re going to do muscle training, it’s a good idea to do bodyweight muscle training, such as sit-ups and push-ups, about 2-3 times a week.

Lifestyle improvement is important when boys grow taller.

This time, I explained how to height growth taller for boys.

In order to increase the height of boys, it is important to arrange lifestyle habits such as eating habits and sleeping habits.

You might want to discuss height with your child, such as, “It’s an advantage to be taller in sports.”

Please take care of your growth period so that you can expect to grow taller than your genetics.


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